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Tallinn 2015

Pécs 2012

Tartu 2009

Veszprém 2004

BIÖP 2002

BB 1998

BIÖP 1997

F. 1997

P. 1996


MTA ITI 1995



ZMG 1986

  Main data

Current position: director of the Hungarian Institute in Tallinn of Balassi Institute. (From sep 2015.)
Research areas: early Hungarian literature, Neo-Latin literature, human informatics, hungarology
Ph.D. – 2000 | literature studies | summa cum laude
Dissertation: Balassi and the Neo-Latin Love Lyrics (in Hungarian)
Publications: MTMT
Personal data:
Born in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Living in Tallinn, Estonia

Language Competences:
  • Hungarian: mother thong
  • Latin: CEFR C2 | degree | 1995
  • English: CEFR C1 | language certificate | 2012
  • Estonian: conversational
  • Finnish, Italian, Russian: intermediate | CEFR B1
  • Ancient Greek: CEFR B1 | Language Proficiency Exam | 1994
  • German, French, Spanish: reads literature
  • Chinese (Mandarin), Erzya Mordvin: studied for a semester
  •   Professional Experience

    Academic Positions
    PTE 2014: visiting lecturer (as PhD-student) – University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Hungarian Language and Literature, Department of Hungarian Linguistics, Pécs, Hungary
    | Courses Taught: Communication
    PE 2013: visiting lecturer University of Pannonia, Institute of Hungarian and Applied Linguistics, Department of Hungarian Linguistics, Veszprém, Hungary
    | Courses Taught: Fenno-Ugristics, Finnish Language
    2009–2012: lecturer of HungarianUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, Department of Finno-Ugric Studies, Tartu, Estonia
    | Courses Taught: Hungarian (every stages), Hungarian Literature Studies, Translation, Hungarian Culture Studies, Hungarian Cinema (in Hungarian/English/Estonian)
    PE 2005–2009: senior lecturer University of Pannonia, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Hungarian Literature, Veszprém, Hungary
    2004–2005: visiting lecturer University of Veszprém, Faculty of Pedagogy, Department of Hungarian Literature, Veszprém, Hungary
    | Courses Taught: Early Hungarian Literature, Baroque Hungarian Literature, Medieval European Literature, Poetics, Philology
    ELTE 2001–2007: program deputy head BIÖP (BIÖP: Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Computing Humanities Program )
    1998–2001: program assistantBIÖP
    1997–1998: co-founder of the BIÖP
    1996–2003: visiting lecturerEötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Cultural Studies and Hungarian Literaturee Department of Early Hungarian Literature, Budapest, Hungary
    | Courses Taught: Online Critical Editing, Database Planning and Building for Cultural Data, Hypertext, Gender in Early Literatures, Balassi Studies, Early Hungarian Literature, XVIth Century Hungarian Fictional Epic Poetry, Early Hungarian Verse, Rimay Studies, Contemporary Hungarian Literature
    MTA ITI 1995–1998: assistant research fellow Department of Renaissance Studies of the Institute for Literature Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
    | Research Areas: Balassi's Works, Latin Renaissance Love Poetry, Poetry of Hieronymus Angerianus, Critical Editing, Textology (textual criticism)
    JATE 1995–1998: visiting lecturer
    1993–1994: demonstratorJózsef Attila University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Early Hungarian Literature, Szeged, Hungary
    | Courses Taught: Online Critical Editing, Poetry of Janus Pannonius, XVIth Century Hungarian Fictional Epic Poetry, Poetry of János Rimay

    Editor of Periodicals
    1998:2000—literary and social monthly” – proof-reader
    1996–2001:Palimpszeszt” (the first online academic journal in Hungary) – co-editor


    Academic Leadership
    2001–2007: program deputy head BIÖP, Budapest, Hungary
    1998–2001: program assistantBIÖP, Budapest, Hungary
    1995–1996: senior fellow Eötvös Loránd House, Szeged, Hungary
    1994–1995: board member Eötvös Loránd House, Szeged, Hungary
    1993–1995: leader and co-founder of the Manus Latina university troup, Szeged, Hungary

    2003–2015: founder, director of Bibliopolisz Online Publishing House, Bezeréd, Hungary
    1998–2001: founder, director of Gépeskönyv Online Publishing House, Budapest, Hungary

     Major Projects

  • 2005–2006: "EMIRLIC" Project; (BIÖP, Budapest)
    Partner: Nederlandistik an der Universität Wien, Univ.Prof. Dr. Herbert Van Uffelen
    Supported by OMAA

  • Projects in Hungary:
  • 2007: in4 Conference. Supported by KPI & NKTH (Bibliopolisz, Budapest)
  • 2003–2007: online archive of the Filmvilág (Bibliopolisz, Budapest)
  • 2002: EMIR Database cooperating with ELTE EK, supported by NKÖM (Gépeskönyv, Budapest)
  • 2000–2001: online critical editions, supported by MEH IKB (Gépeskönyv, Budapest)
  • 1999–2000: online textbooks for the SuliNEt/Írisz Program (Gépeskönyv, Budapest)
  • 1998–1999: online critical editions and literary databases, supported by OMFB IKTA (Gépeskönyv, Budapest)

  •  Honors, Awards & Grants

  • 2015: Estophilus Scholarship of the Estonian Institute, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2002–2005: Békésy György Postdoctoral Fellowship. Research area: computing in literary studies. Center: ELTE BIÖP, Budapest, Hungary
  • 1998–2001: MTA Bolyai János Research Grant. Research area: The Early Hungarian Love Lyrics from the Beginnig to the Balassi Imitators. Center: ELTE, Budapest, Hungary
  • 1995: certificate of merit of Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP), Hungary for academic accomplishment

  •  Field trip

  • 2015: PhD-term abroad at University of Tartu, supported by Campus Hungary
  • 2013: two weeks in September at University of Tartu supported by the MÖB/Archimedes
  • 2008: January in Vienna at ÖNB
  • 1997: Florence & Naples, Italy. Supported by the Soros Foundation, Hungary & the CHER
  • 1994: University of Tartu, supported by the Pro Renovanda Cultura Hungariae Foundation, Hungary & JATE BTK HÖK, Hungary; September 21 – October 3

  •   Education

    2015: PhD-term abroad at University of Tartu, supported by Campus Hungary
    2014: English for Young Learners Training, Tempus Public Foundation, Budapest
    2012–2015: Doctoral Studies in Applied Linguistics, of University of Pécs
    1996–1998: Doctoral Studies in Literature Studies, ELTE University, CHER-ben. (Centre des Hautes Études de la Renaissance).
    Ph.D. degree: 2000 – summa cum laude
    1993–1995: fellow of the Eötvös Loránd Kollégium, Szeged, Hungary
    1990–1995: Studies at József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary
    | Majors: Hungarian Language an Literature; Latin Language and Literature; Fenno-Ugristics
    | Minors: Early Hungarian Literature and Literature Theory
    Master's degree: 1995
  • Latin Language and Literature
  • Fenno-Ugristics
  • Early Hungarian Literature and Literature Theory
  • Summer schools and seminars
    1994: Early Modern Thoughts, JATE, Szeged, Hungary
    1994: II. Seminarium Latinitatis Vivae Pragense, Prága–Karlík, Czech Republic; Jul 30 – Aug 6
    1993: Ludi Horatiani, München, Germany; Nov 26–28
    1993: Early Modern Thoughts, Lutheran Theological Academy; Budapest, Hungary


    from 2012: member of public body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    from 2000: Centre des Hautes Études de la Renaissance, Budapest, Hungary
    from 1996: International Association of Hungarian Studies
    from 1995: Centre de Recherches de la Renaissance, Budapest, Hungary


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